BA (Hons) in Fashion & Retailing

This course is specially designed to upgrade the students' skills and knowledge to help them excel in the fashion industry. It enables them to be more creative, progressive, and able to evaluate and respond to fast-changing fashion trends. Skills and knowledge in the fashion field are crucial, for it can determine placement for industrial training which can also lead to career openings in the high-end market

These insights will be conveyed to students; stressing and emphasising the basic structure and principles of the fashion industry. Competencies gained will equip students with the ability to engage in fashion merchandising, retailing and display using their individual expertise and creativity.

the main objective of this programme is to ensure that graduates excel in the fashion design business and industries related to it. Due to changes in fashion trends, technical skills are always needed to upgrade the productivity of industries. Those who possess the necessary skills and knowledge will always be in demand.

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